IrsiCaixa holds conferences on the outreach of the research and the prevention of AIDS in Badalona

IrsiCaixa holds conferences on the outreach of the research and the prevention of AIDS in Badalona

  • The conferences have three purposes: to disseminate research on HIV / AIDS impact, to prevent infections and to promote scientific careers among students.
  • Aimed at high school students, the conferences take place in IES Pompeu Fabra and IES Barres i Ones, in Badalona, on February.

The IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute holds on February two conferences at high schools of Badalona, with the aim of bringing closer to education centres the research in HIV / AIDS and the prevention of infection; and also showing the work of researchers to promote scientific careers among students.
The first conference took place this Wednesday, February 23, in IES Pompeu Fabra, while the second will be held on Monday, February 28, in IES Barres i Ones. Both are made in the context of the inauguration of the XXV Scientific Conferences of Secondary School of Badalona, to be held from 29 to 31 March, which consist of a public presentation of the research work carried out by the students of the
The conference, run by the young researcher from IrsiCaixa Esther Aparicio, combines the explanation of scientific concepts related to HIV with interactive activities with students and a space for discussion and reflection. Students can review and complement the content of the conference with multimedia resources at IrsiCaixa Outreach website.

With the cooperation of the host high schools, conferences are organized by IrsiCaixa and the organizing committee of the Scientific Conferences, formed by Angeleta Ferrer Nature School and the School of the Sea, the Marine Studies Center (depending on Environment and Mobility Area), and the Department of Education and Services from Badalona City Council; and the Badalona Learning Resources Centre of the Generalitat de Catalonia. Outreach resources and activities from IrsiCaixa are carried out in collaboration with the Welfare Projects of "la Caixa" Foundation, the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology