CROI 2016 | Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

22.02.16 - 25.02.16
Hynes Convention Center. Boston, Massachusetts.


The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) brings together top basic, translational, and clinical researchers from around the world to share the latest studies, important developments, and best research methods in the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases. CROI is a global model of collaborative science and the premier international venue for bridging basic and clinical investigation to clinical practice in the field of HIV and related viruses. Webcasts, abstracts, electronic posters, and other electronic resources from CROI 2016 will be available online via webcast.


The CROI Foundation partners with the International Antiviral Society–USA (IAS–USA) for organization of the conference.


See the preliminary agenda.

Publications and presentations related to the conference

  • 25/02/2016 - SAMHD1 Phosphorylation Affects dNTPase Activity and HIV-1 Replication Capacity

    Poster presentation. 14h45 - 16h00. Presenting author: Roger Badia. Session title: Host Factors and Cell Response to Infection. 

  • 25/02/2016 - The G1/S specific cyclin D2 acts as a viral restriction factor in primary macrophages

    Poster presentation. 14h45 - 16h00. Presenting author: Ester Ballana. Session title: Host Factors and Cell Response to Infection.


  • 23/02/2016 - HIV-1 Induces p21-mediated Cellular Senescence in Human Primary Macrophages

    Poster presentation. 14h15 - 16h00. Presenting author: Eva Riveira-Muñoz. Session title: Viral Transmission and Target Cells. 

  • 25/02/2016 - A Tale of Two Stem Cell Transplantations in HIV+ Patients: Clues to Eradicate HIV

    Poster presentation (14h45 - 16h00). Presenting author: Maria Salgado. Session title: Stem Cells.